Rebuild lives through jobs. image

Rebuild lives through jobs.

Support people transitioning from prison, addictions, and homelessness as they re-enter the workforce.

$8,986 raised

$50,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

**Increase your Impact – Campaign Extended**

Exciting Announcement – Thanks to the incredible generosity of a WorkShop donor every dollar given to the Investing in Impact campaign will be matched 2:1 through May 7! That means a $100 gift instantly provides $300 in value.

Imagine what it would be like if you made a mistake, and nobody would give you a second chance. For many of the employees at Mile High WorkShop, society has turned its back on them, despite their best efforts to turn their lives around. Colorado has one of the worst recidivism rates in the country, but a good job can make all the difference. At the Mile High WorkShop, we believe in giving people a second chance, and everyone is welcome here.

The Mile High WorkShop is a social enterprise contract and goods manufacturer. We partner with businesses who need help producing and manufacturing their woodworking and sewn goods, and produce the goods for them in our workshop, right here in the Denver area. We also work on packaging and fulfillment, making sure that people get their orders in a timely fashion. Why do we run this business? Well, we love Denver, and we love the local manufacturing movement. But most of all, we love being able to employ people who need a second chance. Every contract we get means more jobs for the people who need them.

It's not just about a job either. At Mile High WorkShop, employees get training in key skills like sewing, woodworking, laser etching and general warehouse skills. They get to practice teamwork and soft skills. They get support in finding their next job. They get to be part of a community that supports them and welcomes them with open arms.

While Mile High WorkShop is running a business, we're still young and could use your help. We're raising funds to help support our business growth, and support the employees working with us to pull themselves out of poverty. We're aiming to raise $50,000 to help us do the following:

The first $10,000 will purchase a lift which will enable us to increase the production capacity of our workshop by making it easier and faster to move large pallets and also add to the skills we're able to teach

After the initial $10,000 is raised, $40,000 in additional funds will go towards ensuring that we are able to provide training and support to our employees so they succeed long term. Because we have a social mission to help people out of poverty, we incur more costs than your typical business, such as individual case management, group training and helping to provide transportation to our employees. Your support allows us to maintain a high quality of training and community impact!

** Every gift over $100 will receive an awesome UpCycled Banner Bag sewn by members of our training program as a thank you for your generosity. **

** Every gift over $250 will receive a beautiful WorkShop cutting board crafted by members of our training program as a thank you for your generosity. **

** Can you help us purchase a pallet stacker with your gift of $10,000? We'd love to say thank you with a custom built dining table from the shop **

Any little bit helps us a great deal, and we will put all funds to good use. If you'd like to learn more, or tour the shop, please reach out to All donations to the Mile High WorkShop are tex deductilble.