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Young children are detained, facing deportation and will have to stand up in Federal Immigration Courtroom alone. If deported (and chances are they will be) they are put on a bus, sent across the border and dropped off. They are vulnerable, open to be taken advantage of since they don't have anyone to accompany them.

Unfortunately, the Border towns are not the only places with immigrant children in dire situations. As part of our mission, we are committed to helping people who struggle with poverty and oppression navigate our complicated legal system. The time to tackle this issue is now.

90% of children facing deportation in immigration court are removed when they do not have attorney representation.

These kids desperately need a lawyer to stand up with them.

Help support JAMLAC's Juvenile Immigration Project, which provides legal aid to children and families include Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), Asylum, Visa for crime victims (U-Visa) and Visa for victims of Trafficking (T-Visa).

We will continue to fight for these children!

Will you join this movement and ignite HOPE for vulnerable, innocent children. They need our help NOW!

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