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Invest in Tomorrow’s Urban Leaders

Support Apprentices at the Issachar Center

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Founded in 1999 with the input of local pastors, the Issachar Center for Urban Leadership exists as a place where theology meets the streets – an urban "L'Abri" where students (and a broader community of leaders) wrestle with life and urban issues. We seek to develop leaders who – like the tribe of Issachar – "understand the times and know what God's people should do." (1 Chronicles 12:32)

The Issachar Center equips student apprentices for urban Christian leadership through a rigorous program of academics, servant-leadership, and discipleship. Delivered via a shared-life residency component, the Issachar experience represents a community – a tribe – of diverse young leaders who seek to follow Jesus into the heart of their neighborhoods. We create dynamic partnerships and shared sacred spaces to inspire a movement of transformational change in and around Denver

We are not merely a group of individuals, but a people – a community of urban Christian leaders who connect for personal growth, inspiration, and practical work in the city. With partners such as Urban Young Life, Antioch Church, the Sankofa Institute, Colorado Uplift, and a growing network of alumni and friends, Issachar acts as a hub for relationships ad initiatives that benefit our city and our world.